About Us

Guitar Hype was created with one purpose in mind:
To provide all the guitarists in the world with a central platform to showcase their talents and communicate with each other.
Towards that purpose, Guitar Hype is both a guitar video website and a social networking website.
Guitar Hype (TM) was created in October 2008 and is a result of extensive research.
Guitar Hype is a public forum and a social networking website for Music Lovers and Guitarists from all over the world, to share their Ideas and Videos.
Now you can expose your ideas and creative thoughts for those who appreciate it in a sense of positive reinforcement. So members taking active part to present their ideas regarding Music Discovery and Passion are always seen prominent among others at Guitar Hype Music forum. The basic idea behind guitar hype is to build a solid bond for demonstrating positive values and to provide all the guitarists around the world with a platform to communicate with each other and gain recognition and expressing their music values.

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