Final website work to be completed soon!

I would like to tell everyone that while we have been trying to get the website fully up to date and ready to go, it is unfortunately taking a little more time. We expect the website to be ready by the end of Feb 2009.

Currently, there are a few bugs in the My Space area and the Videos page. Some additional features such as Tag search and an updated look are also being worked on.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Watch New Guitar Videos!

At Guitar Hype, we strive to keep our video database growing.

The other source of videos are user produced, because come on, if it was all third-party videos which you can watch on television, what good would this website be. For that reason, new bands, musicians and singers are expected to upload their own videos here for public viewing.

The Featured and the Promoted sections of the website show the most important (and popular) videos currently hosted by us. It can include either user produced or third-party content. But you can search our huge database by going to our Videos page.

Please be sure to contribute your videos (and ideas or suggestions) if you are a guitar player of a musician. It is the free and updated content which makes this website unique.

Welcome to Guitar Hype blog!

Welcome to our official blog!

This blog will features a lot of information regarding upcoming features in Guitar Hype website, news about our partners, new videos being added and anything related to the guitar world.

Guitar Hype is created to improve user awareness about anything related to guitars. For that reason we feel that our blog is an essential part of the website.

Anyone is welcome to comment on the blog. We can only improve our service if we recieve constant feedback, so feel free to comment!

You can access Guitar Hype (TM), your very own guitar videos website by going to